Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post Race Analysis for Race Day June 26, 2010; The Belmont Late Pick Three and the Mother Goose Stakes

It's important to savor life and the old adage of too much of any one thing is a bad thing still holds true. I was "handicapped out" after the Triple Crown season. I handicapped an incredible number of races every week from January 1st until the Belmont Stakes and I needed a handicapper's holiday. I found myself a blogger without a voice, a blogger without an opinion. I followed my own advice and I pushed away from the laptop, enjoyed the sunshine, watched the Little Turk play soccer, smoked some great cigars, but above all else, I left the red flair pen on the table. I only ventured to briefly, I took a trip to Arlington with Sister Turk and drank beer and just enjoyed the sights and sounds. I decompressed and I hit the reset button.

When I woke up today it was with a renewed sense of handicapping purpose and I was rewarded with a nice $370 won in the Late Belmont Pick Three and I was fortunate enough to help my friend win over $2,500 when I quickly 'capped another race and I gave him the Pick Four on a $68 dollar ticket. It was darn good day. Let's get after it!

Belmont Park: Race 8 - Race 9 - Race 10 (Race Charts via hyperlinks)

In the 8th race, I backed three horses for the Pick Three and my top choice Officer Flirt who ended up being the bettor's chalk and finishing 1 1/2 lengths behind the winner, Mystical Code who was the bettor's third favorite. My other choice in the field of 10 finished fourth, Sundae's a Meese, so I feel pretty good I had this one covered. One leg down and I'm alive, onto the Mother Goose.

It pained me to pick such a heavy betting chalk, and I expected it with a 6-5 morning line, but this was a very nice field of five and Devil May Care had to earn this win and I had her right where I needed her to advance in the Pick Three. My Trifecta bet didn't do so well when Ailalea never uncorked. I had Biofuel and Devil May Care perfectly placed but missed on Ailalea and I can't say I underestimated Connie and Michael but I wasn't prepared to spend more then $10 on a bet that would likely only return $40 if it came in so I passed. I'm starting to get very excited about The Alabama!

Alive and onto Race 10. I had four choices in the race and I was loaded for bear as my top two choices finished one/two and the Pick Three gained good value when the Duke of Naples, the bettor's sixth choice nosed out the very heavily bet Tagg runner Seattle Mission.

I feel refreshed and I won, always a good combination. The Turk has his Breeder's Cup tickets already and I'm feelin' it.

Have fun, Be Safe, Turk Out!

Sister Turk and "a friend" June 12, 2010

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Tony Bada Bing said...


Love the picture in line at the Spa. A little more than four weeks to the opening of what used to be the "August Place to Be." I'll be there on July 23rd, how about you?

Congrats on the hit - you're good!