Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Wire Players Derby Dozen Poll Volume 2 and The Turk's Top 12

Only on the Internet does a hack like The Turk, an admittedly lousy young horse prognosticator, get to give his opinions on who the best three year olds in the county are.

Volume 2 of this year's Wire Player's Derby Dozen Poll is now out, and while I'm a part of this group, these people actually know what they are doing! Shockingly, seven of my selections have made the top 12 this week. I almost bust my gut at the lovely Jill Baffert's shout out at how we suck, but I do have Drill higher than my companions.

Friends, this is what horse racing is about, opinions, comments, and a shared love of these animals. If horses are only numbers on the Form in your mind, The Turk is the wrong blog for you. Things will be heating up this weekend with the Risen Star and the Fountain of Youth primarily. The calendar is about to turn over to March. I could write a few more ranting paragraphs about the old days when three year olds ran every three weeks but I won't bother, the landscape has shifted. There may be this weekend and one more race before Kentucky for the biggest stars and you'll have to form an opinion off a limited resume. Who wants the distance, let that dictate your thoughts, who's going to want that distance.

And The Turk's opinions only...

Have fun with this friends. Turk out!

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