Friday, February 8, 2013

The Wire Players Derby Dozen Poll Volume 1 PLUS The Derby Point Standings and Prep Race Results

We are back. I'm not sure what the popular demand is, but Steve and the team at Wire Players have reassembled a collection of experts from the horse racing world to provide insight into the three year old crop as the chase for a spot in the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby heats up. Why they want the Turk's involvement, folly possibly, but I'm glad to be a part of the crew again.

People who read the Turk know how I ignore two year old racing almost completely. That's not driven by some moral objection to these youngsters running, its just not my bag. I like to see 10 races on a past performance, I like to see the handicap division runners with 20 starts, I like the data that the older horses provides as a handicapper. As a race fan, I like to fall in love with horses and follow them. That generally doesn't start until the Kentucky Derby for 3 year olds because I just don't get that misty eyed about young runners until they do it a few times.

I've warmed up to the changes implemented this year regarding the point system and the rules regarding entry into the Derby. If you haven't followed it closely, you can get caught up on how the system works here.

It's early: the system is geared heavily towards what would be the second, third and fourth starts of the year for most of these three year olds. The nomination group for Triple Crown Races 369 horses, down from 450 in 2007. It's never about quantity, American Racing needs a quality injection, and with youth we have hope.

Anyway, things are about to heat up. I say that as a massive storm barrels up the Eastern seaboard and coats Turk Central in a thick coating of snow. May will come, May will come.

Turk Out!


Rick Kelly said...

If you're going to color in the cells to point out where a horse has appeared more than once, you need to add the following: Fortify (3rd Champagne, 4th BC Juv), Capo Bastone (3rd Frontrunner, 3rd BC Juv), He's Had Enough (2nd BC Juv, 3rd Bob Lewis) and He's Had Enough (3rd CashCall).

Rick Kelly said...

Correction: Den's Legacy was 3rd in CashCall

The Turk said...

Rick, Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. I'm not sure I meant much of anything by coloring in the boxes. I think I'll take your suggestion and color in the multi appearances. Thanks for your input-Turk