Saturday, March 2, 2013

Derby Dozen Poll Results and Current Derby Point Leaders

I love horse racing; I love the mental challenge of handicapping, I love the thrill of the wager. I love the highs, and the lows, while humbling, keep me grounded. I like to believe handicapping skills, acquired over many years of enduring the highs and lows, take the proposition of winning to slightly better than a thrown dart. There are days when I can't lose and then there are weeks where I can't win. Sometimes its best to stand back and listen to others give their views on the runners. Longtime readers of The Turk know I eschew outside bias, but this is different. I find it really instructive to listen to others when it comes to Derby Contenders and the group I find myself a member of, offers great insight with cutting commentary.

The Wire Players Derby Dozen have voted on this year's Derby Contenders for the second time and the list is interesting: Ive Struck a Nerve, while the point leader after the first weekend of the Championship Series, doesn't crack the top 12. While not a surprise off of his incredible long shot victory in the Risen Star, points are points and as each week goes by, it will be harder to back chic, lightly raced runners. For the record, The Turk has Super Ninety Nine on top right now.

The Gotham is up today. Have fun friends, Turk Out!

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