Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Nomination Is In: May 22, 2010: The Arlington Park Pick Three including the American Guineas and Arlington Classic

The Turk loves the Arlington Turf Course. It doesn't mean he plays it well, but as a horse racing fan, I love the course and the track itself. I've had an affinity for Arlington since I was a young man in the US Navy. I was living close to Arlington in 1985 when a small fire turned into a big fire and devastated the place. Arlington wasn't on my radar of understanding at that point but since then it never left. I vacationed there last summer and enjoyed myself very much and I'll be in paddock smoking a cigar and picking ponies on Sunday June 13. With that said, it's time I jumped in and played some races. My handicap is based on a weather forecast that shows the rain stopping last night and the races staying on the grass. If Race 8 is off the turf, I'll drop the Pick Three and just bet Race 9 and 10. Let's get it on!

Arlington Park Pick Three Race 8 - Race 9 - Race 10 (Google Doc Spreadsheet inserted)

Race 8, a $35,000 claimer isn't that compelling but it does seem clear that four of the horses are superior on paper, and I'm backing Maneke, with 8 turf wins, 2 at Arlington, to win the race, and if he falters Live from Appollo, Trying Brian and Hapman should be there.

Race 9 and 10 I'm going to play per my base handicaps unless there are major defections or the races come off turf. I'll be looking at 10 cent Supers with six horse combinations and keeping the best below $24. Keep your eye on Track Conditions and Scratches.

Have fun, Turk Out!


Amateurcapper said...


I looked at the Arlington stakes a little bit. I don't share your opinion on the Classic, so I'm a little worried. Usually, my opinions aren't far off from yours.

I've got SUMMER MOVIE and the blue blooded INDY SCENT with the edge to SUMMER MOVIE.

In the 1000 Guineas, I really like BAY TO BAY.

I guess that's what's great about the game, difference of opinion.

Good luck.

The Turk said...

Hello Rob,
I don't know why anyone bothers reading online handicappers except for some laughs! You couldn't be more correct, differences of opinion and the numerous ways different folks achieve similar results always fascinates me.

As it happened, I think my Classic outlook was a bit better then my Guineas, but I missed by a combined 3/4's of a horse on two superfectas which made my Pick Three win a break even bet for the day.

Thanks for reading. See you at Hollywood or Del Mar somethime soon.