Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Wire Players Dirty Derby Dozen Volume III

Nine weeks until the Kentucky Derby and what do we know about the contenders? Not as much as this horseplayer would like. That's OK because we few, we merry band of horse racing fans, bloggers and media types won't let the lack of facts and knowledge get in our way.

The third edition of this year's Wire Players Derby Dozen Poll is out today and six new horses have cracked the lineup. We all patiently await the appearance of Uncle Mo, and the Timely Writer on March 12 may be a Derby Prep I never saw coming.

I hope you enjoy our Derby hopeful rankings. Most of the folks I'm associated with know what they are talking about and for my methodology, well the Little Turk captured my image above on a cell phone camera as I threw the chicken bones down and came up with my choices. Yes, Yum Brands KFC chicken bones.

1 comment:

Brian Appleton said...

I'm surprised to see Brethren still so low on the list, and ranked behind To Honor And Serve no less. I think he's a lot better than most people think.
It's nice to see Stay Thirsty finally cracked the top 12!