Friday, May 4, 2012

The Kentucky Oaks-Kentucky Derby Double

One of my favorite types of fun bets is a double spread across two days, and to me the best ones are the Oaks-Derby Double as well as the Blackeyed Susan-Preakness Double.

The Ol' Turk is looking for some value, but even betting favorites who are at 4-1 still has value. I've narrowed my bet pool down to 4 in the Oaks and 6 in the Derby, with an eye towards value with a few of my Derby choices. A $2 box of this is worth $48 bucks, a fair bet for what could be nice reward.

Nothing fancy, just fun, especially if Friday goes as planned.

I'll be making Mint Juleps in a few hours, back door guests are welcome

Turk out!

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