Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Race Analysis for Race Day August 2, 2009; The FourStarDave and Haskell Invitational

When things aren't going your way in this game, and dry patches do happen, there's only one thing you can do: Work harder. Everyone need a process. Everyone needs a way to get back to basics. The Turk took a two week holiday break in early July and then struggled for two weeks afterwards to break out of a funk. While I couldn't take credit for it, yesterday I handicapped both the Jim Dandy and West Virginia Derby and I nailed both cold, Trifecta payouts. I felt relieved, but it wasn't enough, I needed a race I could blog and be proud of. I keep to my basics; I stuck to the information in the Deluxe Past Performances from Daily Racing Form, applied my red pen in search of current form, current work, class, distance and surface and the intangibles of Jock/Trainer stats and the horses In the Money percentage. It was this effort, and as always, educated luck, that lead me from the darkness and into the light.

Race 7 SAR: The FourStarDave Handicap Grade II; 1 1/16 Miles on Good Turf for 3 YOs and Up.

The Turk bet multiple $2 Superfectas using my base handicap. I choose not to box because I didn't like Cosmonaut or Mambo Meister to finish on top of the ticket. Luckily for me, I built several tickets without Cowboy Cal on top. I was impressed by Justenuffhumor's PP. Again, educated luck. Build a handicap and work the handicap. I think the biggest stroke of luck was I trusted my gut and tossed Kip Deville.

The $2 Superfecta paid $1,639. The $2 Trifecta paid $345. Nothing sexy, just workmanlike.

Race 13 MTH: The Haskell Invitational Grade I; 1 1/8 miles on a sloppy and sealed dirt surface for 3 YOs.

Quick math told me I was on the hunt for small potatoes. I figured if I hit the Trifecta I'd return may 18 bucks. It ended up returning $12 dollars and change. I declined to bet but I did have the Trifecta nailed down. I was impressed by Munnings but he should stick to one mile or less and one corner, and Rachel Alexandra, wow! What a horse, she should have/could have been the Triple Crown winner.

The Little Turk is sitting here with me. He gets life better then most folks his age. He knows the difference between bragging and being proud of what you do. Dry spells happen to all horseplayers. Good days come to. Enjoy them without bragging.

Turk Out!

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