Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Nomination Is In: August 21, 2010; The Arlington Park Festival Pick Three all Grade I Event

A resume. Does a horseplayer need a resume? I got up for show money against The Bart and John Henry, does this count?

The Turk is a big fan of Arlington Race Track. A short 90 minute plane ride from my home, the race day experience I find at that track is wonderful: I buy my tickets online and print them, I get a seven seat box with a desk, I get a waitress bringing me food, and I get a great look at the stretch. I can't stress enough that Arlington Park is horseplayer friendly, at least they have been to me. While I was there a few weeks back, I was on my best behavior, but last year on one of my several trips I found myself sitting on a bench near the paddock smoking a cigar and engaging in some fantastic conversation with local railbirds. As a horseplayer who doesn't live in Kentucky or some other horse racing hotbed, it's easy to sometimes think you are the only one alive who knows whats going on in the thoroughbred world. We are insulated in our day to day jobs, surrounded by people without a clue or a care about a sport that is but a shadow of itself in the American national conscious. Sitting on a park bench, sharing a cigar, and talking about the final 1/8 mile times of Einstein or Gio Ponti, the horror of Spirit One loose on the lead, the merits of speed favoring with the rail set in tight or closers if the corners are tighter, gosh that is good for the soul. It's trips to the track that reaffirm to me that horse racing isn't dead, it's just different and different isn't always a bad thing. I think the sooner we accept that horse racing will never compete with the major sports in America, the sooner we embrace shorter meets, quality over quantity, effective marketing that doesn't alienate the fan base that is still left, then stability will return and growth will be possible.

These are meaty and thought provoking issues better left to bloggers and some media types who know what they are talking about. Today is one of the great days in racing, Arlington Million Day, the pinnacle of turf racing on the American calendar at the best turf course in America. The Turk likes the challenge of these big turf events and was honored again to share my thoughts with the folks at Thorofan at their Handicappers Corner. In case you haven't been noticing, each week a major race is handicapped by a member of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance. The alliance is made up of an incredibly diverse group of horse centric folks and when you follow their blogs it will lead you to a network of new and old media voices that truly are at the core of Thoroughbred racing. Enhance your horse racing experience and visit the TBA homepage everyday.

The Turk just finished looking at the Arlington weather. While cloudy, its warm and it appears the rain has left the area. Pay attention to what the turf is listed as by mid card but I have to think it will be firm, maybe not rock solid firm, but firm.

Circling back to the all Grade I Turf Festival Pick Three, we are presented with some interesting races that can either be settled rather chalk like and return some dull payouts, or maybe we'll get some interesting results, especially in a pretty wide up Beverly D. Let's Go!

Arlington Park Festival Pick Three Race 8-9-10, first post 4:37 ET.

I like the in-race betting prospects for all three races and the vertical pick three has the potential to be dull or wide open. I'm going to follow the base handicaps I've constructed here and build exactas, trifectas and superfectas for each race.

Again, pay close attention to changes, as there have already been a few scratches. Acoma gets Leparoux up after the scratch of Rainbow View. A subtle change that makes Acoma much more appealing.

My Pick Three scenarios are both relatively low risk endeavors; I like the idea of singling Paddy O' Prado in The Secretariat and keeping the overall bet between $15-$24 depending on some additions or subtractions to the possible covers.

Build your own handicaps and enjoy the racing. Have fun, Turk Out!


Tony Bada Bing said...

I think chalk in the Secretariat (Paddy O) and Million (Gio Ponti) with a look at Tazeez for upset possibility and the All Mighty All Button in the Beverly D. Working for Hops does intrigue and scare me in Secretariat, but I'm keeping it cheap....

Steve Munday said...

Interesting to hear your thoughts about racing's big picture issues. As a long-time player, you definitely know what you're talking about.

Like your picks today at Arlington; especially AVE in a wide open Beverly D. Good luck in the P3!

The Turk said...

Tony Bada Bing Buddy: Sometimes you gotta keep in cheap, the trick as you know, is to know when!

Steve: Good to hear from you, I miss our Derby polls. Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys!