Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post Race Analysis for Race Day May 7, 2011: The Kentucky Derby, The Churchill Downs and Turf Classic

I'm sitting here the next day and I can't help but revisit the Past Performances for the Kentucky Derby. in hindsight there are some things to really like about Animal Kingdom on paper, but the thing I missed on was he was one of so few bred to go the distance. That final damn one eighth of a mile, 660 feet, it might as well be from here to the moon for most of that field. As a handicapper I knew he could handle the distance but I dinged him for no dirt starts and a rather undistinguished prep campaign that ended six weeks ago. I tip my Panama straw hat to some very fine handicappers who were touting Animal Kingdom to me. I was blind, but now I see my friends. An especially big shout out to Steve and Tony Bada Bing, as well as the others on the Derby Dozen team that had Animal Kingdom 6th on the final poll.

I had 695 gross reasons to celebrate yesterday ($295 net)which no matter how you shake it, is still better than losing. More importantly, I made some kick ass mint juleps, with and without alcohol for Little Turk and the Canadian cousins, Shane and Serena Turk. We had a nice Derby party at my house and all who attended seemed to enjoy themselves well.

While I am happy for Team Valor, these offbeat prep campaigns only seem to enable others to try and go off of six week layoffs and limited starts and I don't want anything perpetuating that trend. Funny me, I actually want to see the horses run! Anyway....

Churchill Downs Race 9-10-11

I would be stewing right now but I felt pretty good about Get Stormy wiring The Turf Classic. I kept the betting pretty simple because of the distraction of muddling the mint and in general, the handicaps weren't that bad. This wacky Triple Crown season continues and I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. The company seemed to enjoy the coverage on Versus, the HRTV coverage earlier in the day was good, and NBC was pretty good too. I didn't think there were too many bad moments but I wish the TV folks would stop feeling like they need to show us D List celebrities. My favorite moment was Aaron Rodgers talking about "...the last two minutes of the race" being the most exciting. Good job Aaron, I agree, the first 2 seconds yesterday were very forgettable.

I'd be remiss in not saying Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers who read The Turk, as well as Mrs. Turk, Momma Turk and Sister Turk. My Mother and Sister taught me how to be a gentleman and carry myself with dignity and aplomb. I thank you both!

Have fun friends, Turk Out!

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Steve Munday said...

Thanks for the shout out! One of the reasons I liked Animal Kingdom was he seemed to have the most upside of the other horses. The others pretty much proved they were ordinary, but AK's last 2 starts showed a horse with a lot of promise.

Glad you came out ahead. Whenever playing the races, my goal is always to "win the day" and hopefully come out ahead at the end of the year.