Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Third Aniversary Turk and Little Turk

The older Turk gets, the more wistful Turk becomes. My post tonight marks the third anniversary of The Turk and Little Turk blog. We've welcomed 20,577 visitors through the front door in those three years or 571 people a month. The individual readers mean an awful lot to me, much more than the meager traffic number represents in the blogging world.

I've become friends with many of you, meet some of you, shared joy and frustrations with you. I've bridged the gap of impersonal computer blogging and made connections with my readers, engaging in a dialog built on the common love of the equine. Horseplayers, whales, bloggers, wannabes, rescuers, journalists: I've been blessed to meet you all and I thank you for inspiring me to write my blog when I'm tired, when work has me down, when the joy is sucked from my bones. Nothing makes me happier than talking about the races, a pleasure that is possible because of the understanding and encouragement given to me by Mrs. Turk, and my apprentice, The Little Turk.

At The Turk and the Little Turk we don't give a hoot about traffic, demographics, Alexa ratings, blog analytics, none of that. The Ol' Turk cares about the real. We define the real as family, friends, new loves, old loves. We don't discriminate, don't judge, don't preach, occasionally rant, but it's always delivered with passion and it's always straight up, no BS. Win, loose, close miss, plain suck, we just say it.

I'd like to thank Geno from Equispace . I found Equispace sort of by accident in September 2008 while I was mindlessly surfing away in O'Hare Airport. It dawned on me as I read his blog that this was something I'd like to try myself. On a whim I wrote a letter to Geno and he graciously responded. The small world that it is, Geno actually lives no more than 15 miles from my house.

In a world full of irony, Geno replaced an inspiration of mine, The Happy Handicapper, Mr. Bob Summers, who passed away about a year ago. Bob was the longtime handicapper at the Buffalo News and his articles were always positive and full of upbeat language and joy. Bob's writings, and his use of a clumsy third person writing style, was an inspiration to me and he is missed, but Geno has carried on the tradition of writing well.

My only goal for this blog is more of the same, but better. I don't intend to ever write a handicapping book, but I'm writing parts of it every blog entry. I consider my writings a work in progress and I work at my craft. As I'm working, I'm doing my best to articulate my thoughts cohesively. I hope you like it, it is for you I write.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible during the Breeders' Cup. Stay positive, add to other's joy, think before you talk, have empathy. Love one another as you would have others love you.

Here's hoping we break 28,000 visitors by year four.

Thank You Friends,

The Turk and Little Turk


Tony Bada Bing said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Little Turk. I find your blogs always informative, sometimes entertaining and much of the time spot on. You've found your way and it shows in your handicapping; just as important it shows in your gambling skills. Looking forward to your BC posts.

Valerie Grash said...

Congratulations on this auspicious occasion! I always enjoy your handicapping :-) Here's to many more years!

SaratogaSpa said...

Enjoy the read, I like your approach on handicapping, especially the thoughts about picking your spots and staying away from betting when you don't feel positive

Geno said...


Congrats on your blog anniversary. I'm glad you contacted me back in the day and thanks for the kind words.

The racing blogosphere became a better place the day you started posting. Keep up the good work.


Susan said...

Congratulations on the milestone. I always look forward to your handicapping analysis, good info, candor and humor. Keep up the great work and all the best to the whole Turk family. Hope to meet up at the Breeders Cup.

The Turk said...

Thank you for all the comments, it's appreciated.