Monday, September 26, 2011

Rest in Peace Tiznow Tim

You meet people during the course of living life. You meet people and some leave an impression and others don't. What I notice first about people is their intensity; Are they passionate? When they speak, does love flow from them for what they talk about? Are they humorous, self effacing?

One of the Turk's best Facebook friends passed away and the world of horse racing is so much less interesting because of his loss. "Tiznow" Tim Reynolds was the real deal; handsome, funny, passionate.

"You can push me into the cold water
But you can't hold me under

You can bring me down
But you can't make me beg

It's so hard to stay honest
In a world that's headed to hell
You can't make a good living these days
'Cause the truth just don't sell"

Rest in Peace Tim. I will miss your comments in a way I never thought possible.


darlene said...

I never would have believed a person could miss someone they never met so much I never would have believed a person could hurt as much as I do when this same "stranger" passed away I found in Tim Tiznow Reynolds a kindred spirit We had so much in common even though we were a generation apart in age Thanks so much for remembering him here

The Turk said...

Darlene, I've met so many people that felt this way. I never would have imagined I would miss the comments from a person I only knew from Facebook, but I miss Tim's wit and passion very much. What I learned after his death is he wasn't just a one dimensional character, but a person with a family, parents, long time friends, facebook friends that became everyday friends, this guy was really something special. I am a decade older than Tim and he reminded me of my friends from days gone by.

I have mourned for his loss and now I pray for his family to heal and move on, but I miss his comments and he left a void in many people's lives.

Please consider donating if you haven't already, completly tax deductible, to Tim's Daughters fund at the THOROFAN website. We can repay Tim by helping his family take care of that precious little girl.