Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary Turk and Little Turk

It's a special day for the Big Turk and his sidekick handicapper and son, The Little Turk. 223 Posts, 6,255 visitors and 365 days have past since collectively we began to write in the third person about horses, handicapping and our hijinks's, be it the Big Turk's travels or cigar and bourbon preferences, or the Little Turk's savant like skill as a horseplayer that has earned him many a Lego Star Wars kit as reward.

The Turk isn't a journalist and I don't try to scoop news stories. The Turk is just a horseplayer who actually loves the horses, cheers for them no matter what and remembers them when they fallen. Along the way we've had some good handicaps and made some money, and a few duds here and there as well, but never have we gloated about the wins or hidden from the losses. It's a humbling game that we play, but if you play it consistently our past year proves you can scratch out a positive return on your money. One message we have always made is to bet responsibly and to learn when not to bet, something all the handicapping books I read graze over.

One statistic I didn't want to rattle off is the number of new horse racing friends and acquaintances I've made in the past year through this blog. I went to tracks for years and never talked to anyone but the nice ladies at the betting windows. It's fantastic to meet up with kindred spirits and talk shop. If this was a commercial, that would be the priceless moment.

Turk will be back later today with a Woodbine Mile handicap and hopefully some cashed tickets to celebrate the milestone.

Have Fun, Turk Out!


G. Rarick said...

Congrats! Little Turk looks like a scary good horseplayer...

Geno said...

Turk, congrats on the blogoversary! The only thing you've scooped is a bunch of para-mutuel pools!! Looking forward to many more Nominations.

Jessica said...

And what a good year it's been! Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Turk and Little Turk. It's been a pleasure reading and I look forward to following another year of your handicapping and adventures.

Valerie said...

Congrats on your anniversary, and here's hoping for many, many more! Your posts always make for thoughtful reading, and great handicapping!

John said...

Congrats. . .It was nice meeting you at Saratoga, maybe next year we can all get together again

The Turk said...

Gina: He is. We read about horse racing in France at your blog, so thank you.

Geno: Your help, and the quality of your own blog, inspired me to get started in the first place

Railbird: You rock! Don't make this bald ol' handicapper blush!

Valerie: I'm a big fan of your writing. Thank you.

John: I enjoyed meeting you as well. I look forward to meeting up again at one track or another.