Friday, February 19, 2010

A Map of the Universe

OK, not really, perhaps just a map of the universe for horseplayers like me who travel all the time and are always on the hunt to visit some new racetrack along the way. At a real honest to goodness blog as opposed to the tom foolery that goes on here at the Turk, our fellow Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance Member Cangamble has produced this wonderful map resource listing all racing locations (minus the California Fairs-sorry you hardcore fair types) and as well as embedded information such as track takeout and an address for the GPS. Really good stuff and I encourage you to bookmark this map either here or at the Cangamble site for future reference.

View Thoroughbred Racetracks in a larger map

My suggestion is to click "view in a larger map" hyperlink which will open up a seperate window and free you from the stodgy confines of Ye'Ol Turk.

So much good to be found on this internet thingy. I encourage all my readers who haven't yet found Cangamble to visit and return regularly. This is one blog that has their finger on the reasons for the long painful death of the horseplayer in North America. Start your day at the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance homepage or Raceday360 for all the best in horseracing news.

Thanks Cangamble. Turk Out!

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