Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wire Players Dirty Dozen Volume III; February 17, 2010

The latest Wireplayers Dirty Dozen of Kentucky Derby contenders is out. It's a curious time on the Derby trail as so many of the top contenders have yet to get their first or second races under their tack as we approach the 3/4 mark of February. If Trainers and Connections want three starts before the Derby, well do the math, they are going to be running back on maybe 3 weeks rest somewhere along the line. How things have changed!

The Turk likes to think of himself as fairly contrarian. Generally that means as long as he doesn't say too much, wears his glasses and carries a copy of Atlas Shrugged around folks will think he's smart. I'm fairly contrarian in regards to the best of the three year old crop but don't mistake that for smart, I'm just perplexed. I'm a numbers guy who is starved for numbers. I don't want to stare at the 1/4 mile times for the Grade I Hopeful anymore. I'm a trips fella, and I want to see a real trip, not Eightyfiveinafifty's Cheech and Chong idea of a trip.

Alrighty, enough blather. Some very fine folks contribute to this pool and I suggest you follow the hyperlinks to their blogs for cutting edge opinions. You're welcome to stay here while I gaze deeply at the track, with my copy of Pablo Neruda's 20 Love Poems and wonder if I'm brilliant or just some bald nut referring to himself in the third person!


The_Knight_Sky said...

The Turk wrote:

...looks of a Rock Star.

Who? Keith Richards? ;-)

I'm not sold on Rule.
This is minor leagues for him.
Two races in a row.

The only reason he's up there at this point because the meat of the season has yet to begin.

The Turk said...

...and as the season goes on, we'll see who steps forward and who steps back.

Steve Munday said...

I like the "Dirty Dozen" moniker; particularly because the Derby really is a dirt race.

If Keith Richards were a race horse he'd be what you might call a "stayer." He looks like hell, but just keeps on going - a real distance horse. So maybe Cloudy's Knight is a better comparison.

Not sold on Rule either by the way. Wondering why Pletch is taking the Delta / Tampa Bay Downs route other than the competition is softer.

The Turk said...

Fella's, This Turk ain't sold on Rule either, but in my first attempt at doing the Derby winners thingy I'm trying to avoid naming horses only on flashes from the two year old campaign. When they show me some real form, on dirt, then they will climb up my list.

The reality is Rule is a nice horse, but look at last year this time. Think about how many better dirt horses went off the Derby trail because of injury or whatever. The Derby winner is a survivor as much as he is the best on that day. Looking at Lucky or Buddy's Saint may be the best but i want to see some current form.

I don't know about you two very good horseplayers but I like to not read about the races I'm going to bet. I use to be influenced somewhat by quotes about the horse by either a jock or trainer or some "third party". For this horseplayer I think its helped. I go and read all the articles after the race.