Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Nominations Are In: January 30, 2010 Races 8-9-10 at Gulfstream and Races 6-7-8 at Santa Anita; The Sunshine Millions

OK, it seems like fun. The Turk takes a crack today at the Sunshine Millions, six races running from 4:33 Eastern until 6:25 Eastern at both Gulf Stream Park and Santa Anita. I'll go sans Magna 5 and instead focus on two Pick Threes at each track. Oh yeah! Let's go.

Races 8-9-10 at Gulfstream Park and Races 6-7-8 at Santa Anita Park;

To my Turk friends looking in on smart phones, that was the biggest spreadsheet I've ever created here at The Turk and I hope you make it to a laptop/desktop/netbook/ipad/webtv whatever to check it out.

The Turk is going to play each race based on the tote board and look to find some value in his handicaps which were littered with chalk. I don't think many of the chalks were unbeatable, but bettor's top choices are still bettor's top choices. I'll play exacta's in each race, a 4 or 5 horse 10 cent Boxed Superfecta and then the respective tracks Pick Three.

I'm a bit under the weather in chilly Western New York but I am enjoying a Camacho Triple Maduro and a sip of bourbon. Enjoy. Turk Out!


Steve Munday said...

Bummed that Campari scratched because I really liked his chances. Lukewarm on Bold Chieftain and not really excited about any of the others.

I'm with you on Bootleg Annie and kind like Closeout too w/ my boy Lezcano up.

Good luck today!

The Turk said...

Thanks Steve...I had a great day and my Post Race Analysis writeup is one I'm really excited about writing.

Thanks for reading!