Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wire Players Dirty Dozen Poll

Steve at has collected a diverse and knowledgeable group of bloggers and twitter types to come together and vote every two weeks on this year's Kentucky Derby contenders. Somehow ye 'Ol Turk ended up with an invitation to join this group, go figure!

This is poll #1 for the group, and the ponies who will be nominated for the Triple Crown are just getting ready to show what they have, but it's a classy group that will be at worst winners of high priced allowance racing and at best the next crop of Grade 1 stakes champions, and health willing, one of them will emerge as our 12th Triple Crown winner. The ghost of Sir Barton shines on them.

Thanks Steve for your leadership in bringing folks together, not always an easy task in the blogosphere. Let's get it on!

Again, its early, but you get the idea. I can't imagine what an undertaking this was for Joe Hirsch in the days before the internet, and I'm not comparing this in anyway to his legendary work, but it is exciting to walk a bit in his shoes.

Have fun, Turk Out!


Steve Munday said...

Hey Turk, thanks for participating in the poll and posting the results. It's been truly fun connecting with people who are equally obsessed and committed to horse racing and the art of handicapping.

BTW, we got a big race coming up Saturday at Gulfstream. We'll see if Jackson B really belongs.

John said...

Great idea Turk,

Nice to get so many opinions in one place!

The Turk said...

John, The Turk would love to take the credit, but it belongs to Steve, a darn good horseplayer and blogger. Steve's leadership brought a group of people together and I was just lucky enough to be asked to participate. Thanks for reading!