Friday, April 30, 2010

The Nomination Is In: The Kentucky Oaks-Turf Classic-Kentucky Derby Pick Three

So I had it all planned out. This Turk's been happily wearing his Mine That Bird hat since last Father's Day (Thanks Mrs. Turk)and after the Wood Memorial I went to and got myself a sporty Eskendereya hat. Hopefully I'll be proud to wear that hat later this summer.

I try to enjoy Oaks/Derby Day as a fan more then a horse player. These are big fields, the best of the best, and when you factor in new distances, heavy rains, the handicapping trends towards hope-capping instead of intelli-capping. All that said, I'm busting out a few bucks from the YouBet account and I'm going to have some fun with a multi day, multi race bet, The Oaks/Turf Classic/Kentucky Derby Pick Three and the Oaks/Derby Double.

Because of the multi day event, I've had to handicap tomorrows races with the expectation that the rains could be very heavy. I've handicapped the Kentucky Derby with the expectation that the track will be very sloppy and I've handicapped the Turf Classic on and off turf. The BIG wildcard will be scratches. We can't worry it. I'll be back tomorrow to handicap Pick Threes and Pick Fours and assemble some inner race betting and we'll assess then. Let's Let it Ride!

The Oaks/Turf Classic/Kentucky Derby Pick Three (spreadsheet attached)

I'll be betting as I laid out for the Oaks as well as the Pick Three. I'm also going to bet the Oaks/Derby Double and eliminate the wildcard of the Turf Classic.

Have fun with it, more soon. Turk Out!

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