Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wire Players Dirty Derby Dozen Poll Out Now

As horseplayers and fans, you take these polls to their logical limits and then you have to let them go. It's an odd year, no doubt about it. The graded earnings requirements have several "any other year" Derby starters possibly on the outside looking in, horses that Placed in Grade I three year old races. The debate has been hot and heavy the past few days as to the merits or the current system and how the paradigm has changed with the advent of lucrative race-casino 2 YO stake races. Thanks again to Steve at Wire Players for the work he does with this poll. Steve gave a shout out this week to a young man who's out there in today's odd popular culture trying to convince others his age that horse racing isn't just something that use to be popular. He's got some nice insights and check him out!

The Turk takes no strong position either way. I'm going to handicap the horses that are in the starting gate and not worry about anyone who isn't. It's almost time to start handicapping the Oaks/Derby double. What a magical time of the year!

Have fun, Turk Out.


Amateurcapper said...


I'm keying blind luck to my favorites in the Derby. She's so talented, I believe she is a lock in the Oaks and would be a definite top three contender in the Derby!

BTW, your ESKENDEREYA comment is a classic and Steve followed with a funny response. Very creative!

The Turk said...


Thanks for commenting. I love the multi day doubles like the Oak/Derby and Blind Luck seems like a special runner.

I'm going to get to Hollywood a few times here soon, I want to enjoy the place before its gone, hopefully we can find a day that works for both of us.

Amateurcapper said...


No doubt I'd like to hook up @ Hol. Dealing w/ a sick pop puts life into perspective. Got to share experiences whenever possible. Are you still out on Fridays?