Sunday, August 6, 2017

Post Race Review with Video of The Test and The Whitney G1's at Saratoga

Welcome Friends to The Turk and the Little Turk.

The fear of the unknown track, the bane of every public handicapper who is writing well in advance of post time in order to publish.  Yesterday's handicap's were all based on a wet track, sloppy and sealed, and it ended up being listed as Fast.  All in all the handicaps weren't too bad.

As I said pre-race, I was focused on the Pick 3, race 8-9-10.  The Pick 3 paid $273  on a $2 bet powered by a 14-1 Thundering Sky/1  taking the wire.  While I didn't bet, I most likely would not have covered the 1 horse so no harm/no foul.

Why didn't I play it?  Summer friends, summer happens, and when you live in snow country, everybody plans everything in a short 12 week period.  Yesterday was the Turk Family reunion and that picture is of my father, Papa Turk, as well as Little (not so Little anymore) Turk and me.  The family has some serious horse players in it.

This week for me is all about prepping for the Arlington Million Day, which Little Turk and I will be attending.  As much as I love Saratoga and the track experience, to me Arlington is my favorite course and it's just too bad it doesn't get an opportunity to host more big stakes action.  The track is operated first class and the amenities I care about (lots of windows, fast service, easy to reach and visit paddock, parking, and rest rooms) are really well done.

The Test Grade 1

The Whitney Grade 1

These weren't that complicated.  I would have easily had been alive into Race 10.  With the track listed as Fast I have no doubt I would have singled Gun Runner as I suggested pre-race.  That would have allowed me to cover about 4 horses in Race 10.  I liked Thundering Sky cutting back from 1 1/16 Miles as I had handicapped the Dr. James Penny Memorial at Parx and noted he ran a strong opening 7F.  Would I have picked the 4 YO Sky Mesa? Who knows.

Have fun friends.  Bet responsibly.  Turk Out!

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