Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Race Analysis: November 1, 2008

Not a bad day of identifying the winners in four races that I handicapped. Unfortunately, no real good underlays popped out of the PP's and onto the track.

Race 3 at HOL, I picked Pamona Ball to win and she did. The bettors agreed and sent her off at 1.90. I liked Pamona Ball and Magic Roberta in an exacta (Trifector wasn't offered), and I thought Toro Bonito would take show. It was Pamona Ball and Toro Bonito at the wire. I didn't like the Tote Board and I placed no money, made easier by the stupid internet waging silliness.

At WO in race 6, I said I liked Retractable to beat the heavy chalk, High Mist. Retractable was the bettors second choice at 2.10, and won the race 3 1/4 lengths in front of second place. The Turk took a 2 dollar flyer on Sanguine, a first time Lasik horse racing for the first time. She led for awhile and faded to finish last.

The 9th race at CD, the G3 Pocahontas Stakes, I liked Rachel Alexandra and Sara Louise. Sara Louise took the wire 3 3/4 lengths in front of Rachel Alexandra. The top four horses in the race were picked by me, but the bottom three were really outclassed anyway. No bets placed.

The 10th race at CD I was out to lunch on. It's one of those moments we all have. Pre Race, I typed Capt. Candyman Can as my favorite, only to delete it after second guessing my selection. I made my selections without seeing the Morning Line, and I was surprised to see that Capt. Candyman Can did go off as the bettors favorite. I picked Monty's Best, who finished second. No bets placed.

That drops the Turk to ($6.75) after Week 1 (Breeder's Cup to Breeder's Cup) . I'm tracking all my expenses (PP's, race charts, Blood Horse, Track Admission, etc) just for kicks. As a friend recently told the Turk, "There's nowhere to hide when you blog". Ain't that the truth!

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Mike said...

Dude, this is all pretty wild. Do you credit Poppy or Jerry T. for any of your interest in horses? I suspect they had more interest in the $$$.