Saturday, November 8, 2008

When Life Gets in the Way

The Turk is back. To those of you familiar with The Turk, you'll know that he has a special bond with the man he calls Papa Turk, my dad. Papa Turk ended up in the hospital this week when his heart got a bit wonky. I can laugh about it now, but as I sat in his hospital room this week, the nurse came in a gave him an injection of lasik. I daydreamed of placing a dark circle and a capital L on his door to signify his "first time lasik" condition and consider him as an underlay. Papa Turk is a thoroughbred in every sense of the metaphor. He's a patriot, serving his country for many years in uniform, as well as serving for many weeks at ground zero after 9/11. He's doing well and he has many more trips left with me to Saratoga. Maybe next year we can see a Triple Crown Winner at the midsummer derby.

I'd like to thank the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance for extending an invitation to me to join their crew of outstanding thoroughbred online journalists. What I like the most about the TBA is the diversity of interests and opinions. I'm not worthy to be in the company of many of these authors, but then again, the Turk has a loud Hawaiian Shirt, a red flair pen, a copy of the Form, and a desire to crash the party....Let the Horse's, Handicapping and Hijinks's begin again!

It's been a challenging week. I'm paying attention to Calder today and I'll be back tonight to handicap a few Woodbine races for tomorrow.

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