Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Nomination is In (part 1): March 7th, 2009- The Gotham Grade III

The Turk is a bit distracted today, with Papa Turk's ticker winding him up back in the hospital again last night. The horses are therapy to me, and today's chicken soup for the handicappers soul is The Gotham, Grade III. Too many weekends at the Big A this winter the field didn't have enough, competition, for lack of a better word. Maybe I should say the cream that rose to the top of the big stake races could be measured in pints and not quarts. Regardless, it's getting to be that magical time of the year when horses are shipping in, competition picks up, and races like this one have some real quality colts going at it.

Eight of today's field carry the Triple Crown nominee logo, emblematic of the 401 horses challenging for glory. Each week it becomes apparent that the designation mostly means that these horses will be competitive in Allowance and Grade III races. I don't know who in today's group will find the most glory. I know I like Haynesfield a lot, maybe too much for a handicapper, but the Turk freely admits he's a horse fan first, 'capper second.

Aqueduct Race 9, The Gotham Grade III: 1 1/16 miles on the inner dirt track for 3 YOs.

The Turk never advocates betting strategy. The mission statement is to order the horses into a logical order of finish and then fashion bets from it when I like my chances. The most important thing to me is knowing when not to bet. I like today's race too much not to place a little skin into the game. I like Haynesfield/Mr. Fantasy/I Want Revenge to be on the tickets. I intend to cobble a few tickets together that slide a few other horses onto an exotic with them. I may also take a gander at a win bet on any of my B's and higher who go off at >15-1. For no real good reason I like Russell Road.

The Turk is off to see Papa Turk at the hospital. To those of you who know Papa Turk, you know he's a tough old bird and that it will take more then a bad heart to kill him off. I hope to be back in time to take a look at a nice Santa Anita card today.

For the sharp eyed among you, that was Turk favorite Cowtown Cat winning the 2007 Gotham in the picture above.


QQ said...

"For no real good reason I like Russell Road." Maybe it's just me (probably) but I think it's always fun to root for a WV-bred who heads off to face the sophisticates in the big city.

Amateurcapper said...

All the best w/ your pop.

As for MR. FANTASY, check out this article if you haven't already. What do you think?
Also, I like RUSSELL ROAD W/P. There are questions about them all, I'd rather take a price shot.
IMPERIAL COUNCIL and I WANT REVENGE would be legit Derby/TC contenders should they win at a short price.