Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post Race Analysis for Raceday March 18, 2009: Kempton KY Derby Challenge

The Turk was perhaps a bit too flippant in discussing the Kempton Derby "Win and You're In" Challenge Stakes. While I think the execution of how to open up one spot in the Derby for a Euro 3 YO is flawed, the idea has grown on me.

I found this to be an exciting race, especially the last furlong. Trainer John Godsen, a Turk favorite, seems sincere in bringing Mafaaz to the States soon and training up for the Blue Grass Stakes at Keeneland. I would love to see Spring of Fame come as well. Godsen is really something. I love the fact he cut his teeth in Santa Anita, has been doing his thing in Europe for so many years, and doesn't seem hesitant in the least to come to the America and go right to it. I love his arrogance, and our sport needs confident arrogance.

It's not an original thought of mine, I read this at a UK racers blog and I apologize for not remembering where I read it, but it is ironic that Mafaaz's owner Hamdan Al Maktoum has found his way into the Kentucky Derby, while his brother spends, well, princely sums and can't buy his way in.

The pace was a plodding 1:55:13

And yes to the sharp eyed amongst you, that beautiful foal is none other then the product of equine royalty Rags to Riches and Giant's Causeway. I'm betting this filly will be something very special!

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Jessica said...

The photos of Rags to Riches' foal gamboling around her pasture are too adorable for words. All I can say is, Awww.