Saturday, October 25, 2008

Breeder's Cup 2008: Marathon

Marathon: 1 1/2 miles on Santa Anita faux dirt (pro-ride).

The Turk really enjoyed day one. It wasn't a good day for either Turk at the betting window, but I was happy with the races, the challenges within the races, and the coverage.

I thought the inside trip with the big fields was mostly a dead end. The front runners would come back to the pack as they inevitably do on faux dirt, and the jocks who still had game horses under them were either in good stalking positions on the right flanks of the horses in front of them, or had to try and swing wide heading into the stretch.

Zenyatta was magnificent and it made me feel guilty for not paying attention to her sooner. The Turk has a soft spot for big fillies, and he holds deep affection for Ruffian, Personal Ensign, Winning Colors, and Rags to Riches, champions all. I hope we see Zenyatta next year, and I don't know what the connections have in mind, but oh to see her campaign in Saratoga next year. I know it's a pipe dream but....

The Turk has talked up Forever Together now for some time, but his mouth didn't match his tickets.

Congratulations to all involved yesterday. While I don't think the people who market our sport know how to tap into a bigger market, I thought yesterday went well. I did hear the Breeder's Cup President on the Jim Rome Show. He made a comment that the best way to get into horse racing was to own a horse. Good going alientating 95% of the people listening.

Anyway, Race one is a few hours away. The Turk likes the superfecta in this race, the 10 cent boxed variety. I'm looking for Sixties Icon with Dettori up, Zappa, Big Booster and Cedar Mountain. I've also got 2 bucks on Cedar Mountain to win.

Little Turk picks Zappa.

Let's get it on!

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