Monday, October 13, 2008

What's Wrong with Horse Racing?

The Turk was hoping to take a rare vacation day and enjoy the afternoon. My dog got sick, nothing major, but it kept the Turk from spending the afternoon with his family. Being the Turk, I went to DRF Dot Com and what were the first two headlines:

Big Brown Retired.....
Arc winner Zarkava Retired.....

Luckily these horses are fine. They could easily race next year, but greed and stupidity rule the day.

The sport will never reclaim its glory without its stars racing in their fourth years. It's not rocket science.

I don't care how many video poker machines are installed at the track, the track is called the track because there is a "track" there. Now we need stars.

Is it time to allow a set number of invitro babies to encourage owners to risk lost breeding shed profits if their prize horse flesh breakdown?

Is it time for lucrative 4yo only purses or significant financial incentives?

The Turk may not be a horse racing industry insider, but he's sucessful at what he does and the so-called experts have given us what? Smaller handles, smaller crowds, no TV coverage, failing tracks, Ladies Classic? The insiders can't fix it.

It's another sad day in racing....

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