Saturday, April 4, 2009

At the Races: The Santa Anita Derby

The Turk works hard. On Wednesday he flew into Southern California and he drove, and he drove and he drove. He's been to Fresno, Santa Barbara, Ontario, Long Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine, San Juan Capistrano, San Marcos and San Diego. The Turk is bushed, but his business isn't finished. The Santa Anita Derby.

I may blog a bit later during the races or I may wait until I get to the San Diego Hilton at Harbor Island where I will shutdown for the night before flying home tomorrow. I'm watching the weather at the Big A as well as Hawthorne, as that will put a real kink in the handicapping. The weather in Arcadia has been so-so all week,overcast and not so warm. Santa Ana winds are dusting up as well.

Gates open at 10 AM and first post is at 12. Where ever you are today, enjoy the races, today should be a really exciting day.

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Amateurcapper said...

I hope you check this before or during the races. I'd love to meet you. I'll be at the paddock prior to the first (if I can get there on time) and second races...I'm the tall dude with a red, white, blue shirt and a wanna-be beard. See you there.

Good luck.