Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Nomination Is In: Belmont Stakes Day Race 9: The Acorn Grade I

No waxing poetic today on the races I've handicapped so far. The Acorn to me seems very wide open. Justwhistledixie will be the chalk at post time, of that I am very sure. 5 Straight wins, 5 of 6 on dirt and 7 of 7 lifetime in the money gives you that sort of respect, but the devil is in the details. No races since late March and some fine females around her going off at odds that are lower then they should be. It creates a beat the chalk angle that alone is worth chasing. Let's give it a twirl. By the way, that horse above is Zaftig with J. Velazquez up, winner of the 2008 Acorn in a picture taken by Cindy Pierson Dulay.

Race 9 BEL: The Acorn Grade I; 1 Mile on Dirt for 3 YO Fillies.

I don't have a bet strategy yet, but I know I'm going hunting for exacta and trifecta glory and I'll be boxing my selections. 10 cent superfectas are always in fashion as well.

I think Justwhistledixie is just to good to not be top 3, so she'll be there on every ticket. I'll work my basic handicap after that and I'm going to play Funny Moon in the top spot on several tickets and hope for the best. The tough part will be the middle of this handicap: I don't see much seperating the quality of Casanova Marie, Dream Play, Four Gifts and Doremifasollatido, and the morning line refelcts that, making all four 6-1. I think I like them in the order I have them in my basic handicap.

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