Saturday, June 13, 2009

Post Race Analysis for Race Day June 12, 2009: The Kashatreya $65,000 at BEL

The Turk and his sidekick, the Appleton Turk, tried to make something out of this race, and we did about the only thing we could: We went trifecta. Two bets were placed, with the only difference being the swap between Joe Corrigan and Naughty New Yorker. This is exactly how I laid it out in the pre race analysis and I just stuck to the game plan.

Now mind you, I'm not bragging about nailing a trifecta on a five horse field with one obvious toss out and a chalk who had no chance of losing. My point is as handicappers we can sometimes over complicate the obvious. $2 returned $10, and that pick was a walk in the park. You won't be the king of the OTB, but you might as well nail the easy score when it's starring at you.

To the race fans and not the bettors, it was great to see mighty Commentator out there having a workmanlike effort and prepping for Saratoga. Yes, this Turk is getting excited about the Spa's return.

Turk Out!

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