Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Nomination Is In: June 20, 2009; The Black Tie Affair Stakes $100,000 at Arlington Park

Back to it after The Springfield with The Black Tie Affair. that fine looking horse to the left is the son of El Prado (Ire), Fort Prado. Fort Prado, 8 YO, was the Place horse a year ago in this race, losing to today's 5 horse, Gentleman Chester.

Race 10 AP Post Time 6:30 ET: The Black Tie Affair $100,000; 1 1/16 miles on Turf for 3 YO and Up (Illinois registered, conceived, foaled, blah blah blah)

My newly converted betting sugar momma, we'll call the Appleton Turk, has stopped playing scratch tickets and instead funding the Turk's streaky and inconsistent horse playing. With 20 bucks of the nice woman's (read: mean spirited drinker with a heart of gold) money, we will go superfecta hunting here.

I feel pretty good about a grouping of four horses (Snapphok, Gentleman Chester, Fort Prado and Rey Del Sol) making the tickets. I think I differ from the tote board rankings, at least I think I will, as I like Snapphok coming off to fine AP turf racing efforts to continue his roll and I think I'll favor Rey Del Sol a bit higher then most too. I don't know what Fort Prado has left, but I don't count him out and the son of a very respected turf sire, Chester House, Gentleman Chester is the defending champ and has been working very fast. That Calvin Borel fella is up on Gentleman Chester, so if you like chalk, he'll most likely deliver for y'all.

A wild card runner is Free Fighter, who's results are wildly all over the place and I like My Sonny Boy on AP Turf.

Happy Fathers day in advance to all my friends, family, and the various readers who stop into the Turk. I received my Fathers Day gift early today when Little Turk buried his first goal in a long time for his travel soccer team. He's a great little player, a scoring monster in house league, but a smart hard working role player at the elite travel level. Thank You Little Turk for making every day Fathers Day!

Turk Out!


Gyongmaman said...


Thanks for your note. You can be sure that come 2016, there will be a bottle of something here with your name on it.

Best wishes to Little Turk from Seoul!

(btw, "Gyongma" is Korean for "horseracing")

Mark James said...


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