Monday, June 22, 2009

Post Race Analysis for June 21, 2009: The Queens Plate at WO

Friends, family and readers of the Turk know that when he hits a good handicap he likes to celebrate with a cigar, and currently his smoke of choice is an Opus X. The Turk, as always, would like to thank the lovely Dita for joining him in the celebration, and thanks to Mrs. Turk for not slapping him senseless! I digress.

Sunday's Queen Plate at Woodbine was a good moment in my handicapping. I had spent about 1 hour on the morning of the race pouring over the PPs looking for hints of current form. I intentionally tried to avoid reading any pre race hype, a Turk ritual, as it will cloud my thinking and I'll often start shading up horses with better pre-race buzz then the data will support.

Whatever buzz Milwaukee Appeal had, she deserved and her Past Performance backed up the hype. With a better trip I think she may have won this race. The horse I backed and liked was Mr. Foricos Two U, whose odds shortened steadily as the day went on.

The Turk hammered home a boxed Superfecta for his efforts. I credit the win to sticking to my principles of handicapping based on the PPs, trip analysis, J/T stats, current form combination of race and works, as well as class. I made a handicap and I worked my handicap. It's what I call a workmanlike bet. Thanks to the Appleton Turk for funding a portion of the bets placed this weekend. She's finally progressed from scratch ticket mama to Sport of Kings maven. I digress, again.

Race 9 WO: The Queens Plate Stakes: 1 1/4 miles on fake dirt for 3 YOs foaled in Canada.

The Daily Race Form Race Chart is here.

I placed a series of Superfecta straight bets with Milwaukee Appeal on top of all, and they all went bust. I had several straight Trifectas that I missed on. My boxed Super paid $344.20 and I bet $40 dollars total.

Good Stuff. Enjoy the race video, it was a great race as expected.

Turk Out!


Anonymous said...

Love the sucking action on that little filly in the photo!

The Turk said...

I hadn't noticed. Dita is a handicapping buddy and we talk only about current form, pedigree, and trips. Ocassionally when we get a little crazy we'll build our own speed ratings and adjust the track bias. I guess she is sorta cute, hadn't noticed Anon.