Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Turk at 600 Posts: 21 September 2008- Present; A Study in Persistence

Dear friends, family and readers, Welcome to the Turk and the Little Turk, where today I am celebrating the 600th blog posting, dating back to 21 September 2008.

It was a different time when this blog began.Twitter and Facebook were still just starting to take hold, and whole communities of bloggers banded together by subject material, and the one I gravitated to was horse racing.

I thought I could provide free, No BS Past Performance analysis and bet structures to my readers, as well as develop some horse racing fan friendships.  I've accomplished those relatively modest goals and my only regret is declining readership and a lack of feedback in the form of comments.  There are times when I feel like I'm talking in space, inside my helmet, with no one listening.  I made a decision to blog for myself, first and foremost, and if I can grow my incredibly rapid group of core readers, so be it.  There was a moment a few years ago when I thought about hanging it up. I kept asking myself if I still enjoyed reaching 100 people per post.  After time to think about it, the answer is always yes, The Turk will endure until I no longer have anything to offer.

I've included some images that appeared in this blog over the years.  I'm proud that this blog consistently produces top shelf handicapping and not too shabby bet construction.  I'm as dedicated and excited about the next 600 posts as I was the past 600.  I'll never compete with the bigger blogs, I'll never get thousands of views per post, advertisers will never be craving space on my margins, and I'm good with all that:  I'm a hack handicapper who doesn't bedazzle anyone with fancy terminology or systems and I'm content with this blog being what it is.   The Turk blog would never have happened if it wasn't for the internet kindness of Equispace blogger and now Buffalo News Turf Writer Gene Kershner.  Blame him!

                                                  A Little Turk Halloween circa 2007

Little Turk and I:  Arlington Millions Preview Day 2007

The Turk in the IRS Cashing Lane at the Spa 2006

                     What I thought would be the last Derby Winner and the Next Derby Winner: Mine that Bird and Eskendereya

The Turk's Office:  Street Sense, Curlin, Rachael, Ruffian, Mine That Bird, Rags to Riches

A cold Breeders' Cup Day at Churchill

Lost by a Nose to John Henry

Horse Racing Friend Tim "Tiznow" Reynolds-Rest in Peace

Three Generations of Turk at the Spa 2007

A Corbin Clan gathering at Arlington 

The Turk Clan 

On a cold and rainy Preakness Saturday 2013

Pioneerof the Nile winning the Santa Anita Derby 2009

Little Turk at Arlington Million 2016

A mature Grandma Turk and Sister Turk at Fort Erie

Thanks for reading.  Expect about the same.

Turk Out!

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