Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post Race Analysis for Race Day May 23, 2009: The Arlington Classic $150K Turf

Race 11 AP: The Arlington Classic; 1 1/16 on Firm Turf for 3 YOs

A quick look at the Tote Board Ranking shows I built my handicap around the bettors fourth choice, a sweet spot in terms of value. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and the turf remained firm and the horse did not cooperate, as Orthodox stumbled from the gate, got a bit rank, and was done.

Overall, not a bad handicap, as I predicted the chalk Golden Mexico (IRE) would not win and I had 4 of the top 5 horses which is usually enough for me to matrix bet and win, but No Inflation got in my way.

I was Superfecta hunting and had 4 boxed 10 cent Super's for $2.40 each. I knew with this field it would be a tough bet, but that's what makes it fun when you do win.

Turk Out!


Chris Martin said...

I like that you recap your pics...all horseplayers lose but its instructive to figure out what happened and deconstruct it...I'm appreciative...I was out there yesterday and it was beautiful..sorta like a minor version of Million Day!

The Turk said...


One thing i try to do that seperates me from most, but not all, on-line horse pickers, is the pre race reordering of the Morning Line and then a Post Race Analysis, usually with video for Trip Handicappers. I couldn't agree more, if you don't go back and analyze what happened in your handicap you'll miss opportunities for big scores and you'll also never get any better. Thanks for reading.

Chalk Eating Weasel said...

Hey, I just put up my post race analysis for my picks from yesterday!

Coragil Cat was my Orthodox. Just don't understand how he put forth such a dull effort

aka Chalk Eating Weasel

The Turk said...


I did say "most" horsepickers, meaning not all! You're one of the best Chalk Eating Weasel!