Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post Race Analysis for Race Day January 18, 2009

Santa Anita Race 8, The El Encino Stakes G2, 1 1/16 miles on Pro Ride for 4 YO Fillies

With Lethal Heat scratched, I saw an opportunity to place Ginger Punch and Country Star in a Super, with Life is Sweet and Miss Singhsix.

The Turk is not a big bettor. He picks his marks and he walks when he doesn't feel the bet is worth the risk. What seperates The Turk from the big whales (besides the fact I work a real job by day) is the mindset; I'm too conservative to have a bankroll that I'm prepared to lose. My conservative style means I eek out meagerly, but there is an odd fulfillment this brings me, as I turn small amounts of money into slightly larger amounts of money.

I was bang on with my boxed Super today. I thought the risk on the box was worth it, as the top four horses in this race were clearly the top four horses. The money was spread around enough to produce a decent $156 payout.

I would have liked to have seen Lethal Heat run, and I had expected Ginger Pop to win, but you can't get everything. Country Star had the race won and couldn't finish the deal. I was impressed by Life is Sweet after such a long layoff. Shirreffs did a great job having her ready.

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